The Death of June

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As I do each year, today I celebrate the death of June. Goodbye, June, I will not miss you, although I had good times during your days. You weren’t as hot as you have been in the past, and that is pretty good. But, I am still glad to see you go!

Why? Because that puts me 1/3 the way towards September! And September begins the Stephen O Christmas season! I have made a commitment to blog my heart out this fall, and I am already storing up some ideas. I think I am going to start carrying my journal everywhere because often I get an idea for a blog post, do not write it down, and later just go “meh”.

In any case, BYE JUNE! Now, this does not mean that I am not looking forward to stuff happening in the next two months. It just means that I am looking EVEN MORE forward to Fall’s return. Oh… and on that note, T-62 (and yes, I know that September is still summer but it FEELS cooler when I start celebrating Fall on 9/01)! 

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Counting it down

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Oh yes, Spring is in full swing and the heat seeks my demise. That may be true, but Fall will return. I count the days!

Going to see X-Men tomorrow night. I am so ready.

Winter Adventure 2014 – entry two

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As I retire to bed, I reflect on the day. Some key points:

* good : how the more north we got, the more snow we saw
* bad: 3 nasty traffic jams that delayed us over an hour total.
*good: we had a great time on the road, lots of good music and conversation
*crazy: snow caps that kept flipping off the tops of people’s cars and flying end over end to smash into the road. I wish I had a video of this.
*impressive: Todd was handling business on the phone, got a lot done over the course of a few phone calls!
*amazing: to finally get here and see more snow than I have ever seen except for at Snowshoe mtn way back in the day

Thanks to Aunt Jill and her awesome hospitality! Dinner was enchiladas and they were amazing!

Side note: thank God for heat. It’s in the negatives outside – that wind is no joke!


Winter Adventure 2014 – entry one

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So, Todd and I head up to Ohio today for the first of four days in our relentless quest to see some dang snow! Memphis keeps being teased and yes it has been a cold winter but we just haven’t been able to get the white stuff.

We are driving up now and I will post more as we move forward and events develop. “Exciting!”

Christmas Blog Project 2014

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(composed this post this past weekend, but forgot to publish)

I need to write more. This is an old epiphany, made no less true by my lack of implementation. This weekend I find my heart inspired for something that will happen much later this year.

As many of you know, my Christmas season starts September 1. This year, I am going to do a blog every day from September 1st 2014 – January 2nd 2015 (or whenever I get back from my vacation). What will I blog about? Anything. Nothing. Whatever.

Does this mean this blog will lay fallow until then?

No. I have Christmas Season 2013 memories to deliver. I have stories to tell. I have poems to write. I have a song in my heart to sing.

I am just putting this out there now to keep me honest. “But Stephen, you have never kept your word on your blog before!” you implore, and I must agree. This, however, is a new year. A time for turning over a new leaf.

I will even post some more reviews on my other blog.

Just something I banged out, I call it ‘Looking Forward‘:

though winter’s chill has not yet left
i sadly count the days
knowing strength will soon return
to harsh sun’s unkind rays
but once spring comes i pull again
on fall’s promised return
knowing autumn winds will bring
cool ceasing to the burn
all my christmas spirit kept
and hidden deep inside
but on that first september day
to yuletide tunes i’ll ride

Merry (memories of) Christmas! (intro)

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Friends, once again I have not posted since before the holidays. This year, however, I look back not in regret of not communicating with you (although it is a shame) but rather rejoicing in the happy memories I made with family and friends during that time.

This time, truly it was being busy with being merry that kept me from this blog, and that is a good thing to my mind. I will post more, oh yes, for I want to tell you about Thanksgiving, about my staycation thereafter, about Christmas and time with my sister, about celebrations with family and friends, about all of the joyous laughter and celebration.

God has been so good to me this past holiday season. I rejoice in that. I am very busy at work, but I will post my first actual Holiday memory post very soon. Of that I am sure, though I do not blame you for doubting!



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