Monday Thoughts

I do not know if I will acheive the dreams that are on my heart. I honestly do not know. I will tell you one thing, however: I will follow God today. I will throw my energy behind my church, serving as I can.

I will lay my child of promise on the altar, my vision of my destiny, and sacrifice it to the vision of my church. Maybe God will stop the dagger, maybe He will not. Regardless, He is God.

God opened my eyes to hidden truths in His word. His Revelation was given to me, thoughts that have the power to change the Church, to correct our perspective. A vision of our ultimate future, and the true understanding of the Bible as a gameplan to get us from point A to point B. An ultimate transforming understanding of the true purpose of Christ’s sacrifice, and the nature thereof, of what He truly purchased with his birth, death, burial, and resurrection.

I have seen in my dreams the New Earth, my imagination has pierced the veil of time and shown me Heaven on our homecoming day. Through a glass darkly, yes, but enough to inspire and enlighten, to encourage and beckon.

I know the purpose of imagination, and what and who everything is truly about.

I know all these things, and for the rest of my days on this planet they are a brilliant shining treasure that inspires all of my days. They have transformed my understanding of God, of the Word, and of people, time, and eternity, the last days and the struggle of today.  I will share them as I can, but the ultimate destiny I was shown I place in the hands of God.


~ by thoughtriver on August 17, 2009.

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