Life Church March 14th

Life Church March 14th
Pastor Mundo

Hebrews 12 – Shaking happens all the time, like little earthquakes in our lives. Shakings normally come unexpectedly.  With earthquakes we know to go to the doorframe, but when the shaking starts in our lives where do we go? What is our gameplan?

John 16:33 – In this world you will have trouble. Not may, not could. will – The good news is that JESUS has overcome the world and in him we can have peace not in knowledge, not in our parents beliefs. We are overcomers, but while we are in this world we still have things to overcome.

Romans 5:1-8 – We rejoice in the hope and hope does not disappoint us.  We can show others where to run. Hope anchors us when shakings come.  When shakings come, turn to what God did in Jesus, turn to Jesus, turn to the Cross. Jesus always still loves us regardless – he is always present in all times, no matter how bad the shaking.

God is always in control. He may not always change the situation, but he will always use it for our good. Our perspective is poor, we can’t see in the valley. But God is above the mountains, he can see the big picture. I don’t have to understand everything but I know God is in control.

We have an anchor of hope. Hebrews 6:19-20 – Hallelujah! regardless of the storm our anchor is secure. James 1:2-4 – God will always turn things to our good. Hebrews 13 – God will never abandon us or leave us or fail us.


~ by thoughtriver on September 14, 2009.

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