Life Church March 21st

Life Church March 21st
Pastor John Siebeling

Hebrews 12:27-29 – What may be shaking in our lives is nothing compared to what we gain: the unshakable things that remain. Sometimes shaking is there to shake off the old, shake off the old fruit – so that the new can come. It’s not that the old is bad, it’s often good! It is just that better newer things are ahead.

Hebrews 10:1-10 – In order for God to bring in the new, He has to set aside the old – to establish the second, the first must be left behind – God turns everything for good – He uses the turmoil caused by the shaking to set aside the first to establish the second.

God has something better for me. We have to learn to keep an open heart to recognize and embrace the new things God brings into our life. There is pain associated with growth, and we are trained to avoid pain, sometimes regardless of the cost.

4 Threads in Hebrews

  1. Pay Attention! You are going to find what you are focused on and looking for – what is God trying to get across to me right now? We must wake up to what God wants to do in our life. Maybe we cant get to the fresh touch because we are still dealing with the same thing God was dealing with us about then and we have to strip it out!
  2. Hebrews 3:7-9 – Stay amazed with the things of God – we must not let our hearts be hardened! Familiarity leads to entitlement and there is danger there. We need to retain childlike wonder. Acts 2:43 – everyone was filled with awe and amazement – we must worship God with holy fear and awe. He loves me, even though he knows my secret self!

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