Life Church September 26th

Life Church September 26th
Pastor John Siebeling (Tithe/Offering) Isaiah 50:7
Christine Caine

All fear does is cripple and immobilize us. That is what Satan wants. II Timothy 1:7 – While all of the earth lives in uncertainty, this was the hour for the church to rise up and shine, to have the answers, to bring hope, don’t pull back.

God is still in control, we don’t have to freak out. God put us here, for this time, to advance His kingdom. We are put here as the answer to this generation. Safety in this age is a myth. There is no point trying to live, to arrive at death, safely. Don’t pull back, accomplish what God has for you to do.

Death is the ultimate statistic: 1 out of 1 die. Everything is vapor, so it’s gotta count. James 4:13 – The church is an unstoppable force, unshakable! Give all you ahve for God because our lives are vapor.

[Note: Chris doesn’t do pain either!] The plane story – “hope this doesn’t hurt” “try to land” not what you want to hear – vacations are risky, traveling is risky, flying is risky, being an evangelist is risk, LIVING is risky, love is risky – bad things happen to good people, we can’t control life, safety is a myth, so as Christians we pull back and don’t step out of the boat because we are seeking a place of safety that DOES NOT EXIST this side of eternity.

Safety is not the goal of a Christian, freedom is! Jesus didn’t come to make us safe, he came to make us dangerous – there is no more church as usual! This world is waiting for the things of God and we are the answer, but to do so we have to live a life of risk (faith)

We pray for miracles, but desperately avoid situations where they are required. We either believe that Greater is He or we don’t. Christians get saved and become caged by legalism and religiosity and become tame. We define ourselves by what we aren’t and what we don’t do, and especially the cage of fear.

Jesus didn’t come so we could be tamed. He came so we could be dangerous.

Don’t use God to get what you want. You aren’t His just until you ‘make it’ or until you get married or until you get the house and fence, you should just be His, PERIOD! We are trying to use our flashlight in the bright lights of Wal*Mart, we need to use it in the darkness!

Your limitations are NOT greater than what God can do in and through you! It is pride that keeps us bound. Remember the one day missionaries. They left for their missions and had a funeral before they left because they knew they would not be coming back.

Wherever we go during the week, walk in faith, take risks, shine your light, change the world. Don’t fear and pull back Isaiah 60 – Deep darkness covers the earth and only the church of Jesus Christ can rise up and dispel it.


~ by thoughtriver on October 19, 2009.

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