A True Friend

Dedicated to a dear friend of mine.

many friends, they come along
and laugh with you a while
then trouble comes, and they are gone
this starts your fading smile

part time friends they come and go
they never let you in
and when you part they do not care
it does not matter when

so treasure when you’ve found someone
who will always be there
a friend as solid as a rock
for they will always care

they’ll be there through the ups and downs
they’ll never go away
even if distance separates
in your heart they’ll always stay

and so i celebrate you
my dear forever friend
i know you will always be there
there’ll never be an end

so keep your head held up so high
for Christ is your friend too
and no matter where you go
he’ll be with you through and through

i will now end this longish poem
thank you for all you are
know that in my galaxy of life
you are a shining star

~ by thoughtriver on May 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “A True Friend”

  1. *gasp* Is this really for who I think it’s for?? This really is so incredible! … I am speechless… *sniff sniff*

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