Happy September

I told myself I would never do this, but I cannot help myself:

I apologize for my absence

There, it is done. We have reached September, and even had a couple days of cool(ish) weather last weekend, with lows in the 50s! I rejoiced mightily, Kevin and I went outside to chat and enjoy the nice crisp air.

Yes, there will be more heat before it is all over, but… I see Fall around the bend. Welcome back, old friend.

From twitter (corrected):

The chill in this nights air has brought a smile onto my face
and even though I know for now, it’s only just a taste
I celebrate what is to come, when fall takes it’s true place

And a new one, written today:

Rest now, weary soul
seared by summer’s rage
feel cooling winds
vanguard of fall’s advance
dream of snow’s first fall
and all the trees in white
of love, and peace on earth
Rest now, and dream
for just a little while

~ by thoughtriver on September 7, 2010.

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