Of June

Greetings, readers. It is now the latter part of June, and I am going to try to post more on here again. I am reading The Alchemyst  right now on my Nook, recommended to me by my good buddy Robbie, husband of my awesome cousin Kate.

The Passage

The book was good. I had no idea it was only part one of a series until about 3/4 through it, when it became apparent that there was no way to wrap it up without a massive deux ex machina. I am pleased to know I will get to read more of Amy and the Twelve.

Super 8

This movie was great. I heartily recommend it. I may have said that before. Spielberg and Abrams come together and create a movie that is the essence of summer movies of my childhood. Go see it.


Work is going great! I love my job. Hopefully will get to work on documentation for new projects soon.


I love my church! AYC is going on this week, I am so excited for all the youth having the time of their life, getting closer to God and growing as individuals and as the body of Christ! The food trucks that we got are going to make a huge difference in our city. So awesome!

Looking Forward

I have already started countdowns on my phone to 1) September, and 2) my big vacation. I look forward to starting another countdown as soon as I can get a fall vacation planned. Lets work on that guys!

Big Christmas Vacation

I am taking off from December 17th-January 2nd. It is the most time I have had off in a row in over 15 years. I am super pumped! Lots of time with friends and family and festiveness will abound.

My Own Version 

I don’t care that summer just started (technically), I count it as June-August. By my count, im 25% done (or nearly) with summer. To that I say ‘Woo!’

~ by thoughtriver on June 22, 2011.

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