Tuesday (38 days!)

Tuesday and all is well. Well, other than its over 80 degrees outside. That is not so well. I am making it, however. I firmly believe that temperatures will normalize. When? Even the wisest cannot tell.

Vacation in a little under 40 days. So much to plan and do before then. Everyone I say that to goes “38 days? You have plenty of time” and while they have a good point, the issues I have are as follows:

1. I usually forget stuff. Beginning trip preparations this far in advance gives me a greater chance of NOT forgetting things. I am writing stuff down, and checking it off as I accomplish. Case in point? I looked for my camera, found it, and am now charging both batteries. Then I am going to PACK the camera so we make sure that it goes on the trip.

2. I normally procrastinate preparing until the week of, and then try to cram everything in at the last minute. By starting to prepare now, I can make sure that I am ready to go when it is time to leave.

3. Preparing for vacation puts me into a subtle ‘pre-vacation’ mode which is awesome! Causes the time to fly by even faster, which I absolutely DO want until the moment I go on vacation. Then the clock can take a break.

I didn’t see any movies this weekend. How about you? Do you already have spring/summer vacation plans? Tell me about it.


~ by thoughtriver on March 20, 2012.

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