Easter Weekend 2012

What a great weekend at church! Twelve weekend services, and it was my pleasure to be at four of them (one attending, three serving). So many people gave their lives to Christ, absolutely awesome. Started out Friday night with a Good Friday service, I did data entry for that, and then Saturday night I attended the 5:30 service as usual and did data for the 7pm (as usual). Sunday I headed “on out to collierville” to do data at 11:30. I am so happy to report that every service I was at was just packed with people hungry to hear the gospel. I entered in STACKS of Fresh Start cards, so blessed to see people’s lives be changed. Awesome!

I was so pleased yesterday to have a great Easter meal with my parents and Don Reed, Kevin Young, Carolyn Young, Robert Young, and my awesome cousin Todd and his wife Dina. It was an amazing time of fellowship and food (featuring some of the best smoked ham I have ever had). After that, it was the post-Easter crash nap, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Last night played in the closest game of Hearts I think I have ever played. It was tight the whole way through the game, with Kevin Young, Todd Yarger, Jonathan Howell, and I each having the lead at some point. There were many ties throughout the game, and the final hand was a nail biter.

In the end, I went from first to last place, because Jon gave me the queen. BOOO, Jon! In any case, a great night with great friends. An awesome ending to an amazing weekend. I hope all of your Easters went well!

~ by thoughtriver on April 9, 2012.

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