Sorry about the huge gap between posts, life has been… busy. Took my two vacations, that was super cool. I would promise to do a huge expansive trip blog, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Of course, now that I have said that, it probably will!

I am all better, had lingering chest congestion after the cruise for a couple weeks, that kind of sucked. I thank God for the fact that I am 100% better now, and enjoying good health.

Saw Avengers, that was amazing. Great movie. Saw it twice, one in 3-D and the other in 2-D.  I will definitely be purchasing that film. Extremely well done.

So, the summer of good movies and no TV* is upon us. I am thrilled at the first, and dismayed at the second. However, this has cleared room on the DVR to record stuff like HGTV House Hunters and A&E Flipped Out and Travel Channel miscellany. I suppose that is good, in its own way. Those types of shows are entertaining, to be sure.  Hell’s Kitchen comes on starting next week, that is going to be great, and who can forget that Big Brother starts up in July. Aces!

Speaking of Big Brother, I don’t think i will be purchasing the feeds this time**. Nope, not going to do it.*** Instead, I will spend my summer reading and doing worthwhile pursuits.**** OK, stop it with the asterisks!*****

Kevin and Matt posted a bunch of pics from my various vacations on Facebook, and until my computer gets fixed that is where you will have to go to see them. I haven’t posted any myself, and cannot do so until I get a replacement video card. Fortunately, a co-worker has his old (still better than mine was) card and is going to bring it for me this week. Excellent. Thanks, Martin, in advance!

To rewind a bit, I must say that on my trip to Ft Walton Beach with Matt I discovered my new favorite thing for summer: grotto pool! It was this awesome big cold water pool with a roaring waterfall and a cool cave. The perfect place to chill on a hot day. I want one here in Memphis!

I have to give a shout out to all my Young Professional peeps, including but not limited to Kevin, Todd, Reneka, Rhonda, Kara, Ashley, and all the rest of you awesome friends of mine! We always have a super great time, and I am beyond excited about our next outing.

A final word thanking Kevin Young, my best friend, for the awesome birthday dinner at Erling Jensen. It was a blast, and I especially want to thank Carey and Meg, Todd, Tom and Ronie, and the amazing Lukey! Thank you for being there, and for making it so much better than it would have been without you. Thank you for celebrating me!

It deserves its own post for the food, and it will get one. That I will commit to.

* – well, maybe different tv is a better way to put it
** –  yes i will
*** – oh i absolutely will
**** –  yes, AAAANNND I will still watch big brother
***** – I will stop putting asterisks when I stop lying 

~ by thoughtriver on May 31, 2012.

One Response to “Gaps”

  1. I loved the Avengers as well. Very awesome movie. I think what made the film was the awesome story line, not just the gee wiz effects. I loved the natural leader that Capt. America portrayed and in the end bring them all together for the common cause. Awesome blog post. Looking forward to your pics. 🙂

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