Launch Weekend

Everyone has a right to their opinion. You don’t have to agree with it. There, I just blessed you with the truth! Don’t you feel better?

In non chicken related news (ha!), this has been a good week. Getting a lot done at work, and I am super pumped about LAUNCH WEEKEND can I get a witness my fellow lifers?

Let me invite you to come to church this weekend. Not once, but TWICE! Come to a Saturday night service (5:30p and 7p at our Cordova campus) THEN come to a Sunday morning service! If you want to be extra awesome, come to an 8:30 am service at Cville or Cordova or try out the brand new shiny 1pm service at the Cordova campus (exciting!).

It is going to be a great weekend, my friends. I can feel it in my bones! New sermon series by Pastor John, Back to School blessing, and lots of come-to-church bonuses (like ice cream on Saturday night, donuts at 8:30am Sunday, floats at 1pm). Seriously, people. Get to church this weekend!

~ by thoughtriver on August 2, 2012.

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