Another August Post!

Hey friends! I am battling a sinus infection, so be praying for me. Got some antibiotic, yes I did actually go to the doctor, make sure you faint onto something soft. Other than that I am in pretty good health so that is awesome.

Launch weekend was amazing. I was blown away by the excellence in every part of both campuses. Absolutely beyond words. To everyone who put work in to make it a reality: you are rock stars.

Pastor John preached the first part of the new Hustle & Flow series, it was great! Not only was I blessed and challenged by it, but it was hilarious. When your pastor is quoting the urban dictionary, you know you are in an especially awesome church.

Having the fiber connection between campuses means that our pastors don’t have to run between them all day. Hallelujah! I know that was a pain, but that season is over. The fiber connection looks great too!

Shout out to my extended family! Todd, Kara, Reneka, Rhonda, Kevin, you guys are awesome and I can’t imagine doing life without you. Thank you for being such an essential part of my life. Yes I know I have said this before, but this won’t be the last time you hear it either. Get used to it!

I already posted about this, but I am so excited I have to mention it again: I signed up for Second Mile! So wonderful. I am so blessed. Totally expecting great things from this season of growth. Totally honored to be sitting under such great pastors and leaders. I am wide open, a sponge, ready to soak it all in!

In entertainment news, I saw Total Recall. It was visually stunning, and as for the plot… well, you have probably seen the original. I found it a very entertaining movie. I am super pumped for the new 007 movie, Skyfall, due out in November. Whew! I think I am actually going to break out my complete 007 collection and watch them all before the new one comes out. Who is with me?

No one? Oh well, I’ll do it anyway. 😉

I hope you are all having great weeks, touch base with me if you want to chat. I am always up for convos with my amazing friends.

~ by thoughtriver on August 7, 2012.

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