Not much of a legacy

Friends! I hope your week is going well. Saw “The Bourne Legacy” the other night with a bunch of great friends. I must say, this movie had me really excited going in but I was kind of disappointed. It was over two hours long, and I think it had maybe three really good action scenes.

I am not saying that there weren’t interesting parts, but the movie dragged in a few places and the plot wasn’t really… there. I felt like it promised a lot, and did not deliver. Four out of ten. If you have to see it, see it matinee but I recommend waiting for Red box. Those who know me know that I am very forgiving when it comes to movies, but this one lacked cohesion and I even found myself getting bored in parts. Unacceptable.

Other than that, this week has been crazy! Lots of projects that were in a holding pattern for MONTHS have found their way past their blocks and back onto my plate. This is a very good thing, but it means that I am super super busy (at least the time is flying by). Is it Thursday already? Yikes!

This past weekend with Christine Caine was amazing! I am now serving at all services on Sunday morning at our Cville campus and I must say that it feels good. I also started my new weekly serve at Cville on wednesday on weeks we have axis, doing data. It was great to be there, amongst all those young people, I was super impressed with the worship in addition to the fiber connection bringing Johnny Hill’s sermon from Cordova!

Serving like crazy is a whole new paradigm for me, I thought I already was before. No, definitely not. This is more, and I feel it stretching me (in a good way!). I am super excited about this next season God has brought me into, my future is so bright I bought TWO pairs of shades. 😉 (no I really did buy two pairs of shades, ill save that “exciting” tale for my next post)

~ by thoughtriver on August 16, 2012.

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