First whisper of fall

Church was amazing last weekend, loving the Hustle & Flow series! Got to have lunch sunday with some of my favorite people in the world @ Germantown Commissary, one of my favorite BBQ joints. Kara Ann Bruning got to try it for the first time, hopefully she was not disappointed. On another note, I have never noticed it before, but the Commissary has Christmas lights up. Kara and I almost had to get our carol on! hahaha

Hung out with Kevin Young, Jonathan Howell, and Carey Dickerson on Sunday night so that was awesome. Carey had not seen the new Spider-Man, and I do not think he was disappointed. It really held up on a second viewing, that’s for sure.

Yesterday and today I drove with the windows down on the way to work, enjoying the cool breeze. Makes me realize how close Fall really is. Come quickly! This week is very busy at work, still dealing with all of these projects that finally found their way back to my plate. Makes me realize how blessed I am to have a good job, though, and it makes the days go by quickly. Good times!

Working on a Vacation plan for late fall, heading back out to Asheville, NC. It will be great to see the Biltmore again. If you have not been, you really need to go. Plus, it will be decorated for Christmas! YES!

Monday is behind us, friends, lets push on through and make the most of this week. I have a feeling that we will be rewarded by yet another weekend.


~ by thoughtriver on August 21, 2012.

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