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Well, lets take a moment and talk about some stuff, shall we? I haven’t done a big post in a while. I usually just post as inspiration grabs me, but it tends to do so at the most inconvenient times and so the chance is missed.


I am so ready. Halloween decorations and candy are for sale at stores, the seasonal Halloween shops are open, and some places are already selling Santa stuff. This means it’s coming up on my favorite time of the year! Fall and Winter are the seasons of my great content, I love them to pieces.

When I was young, my parents took me trick-or-treating, and then as I got older let us go with some other kids and one adult chaperon. I always loved it, and as a teenager when we went on scavenger hunts for the church party, that was always a ton of fun too (I always snuck in a “trick or treat” along with my item request). Every year Kevin and I make sure to have plenty of candy so that the kids can remember that our house was a “good house”. It’s the little things like that that make me smile.

I have a picture of Fall leaves on my desk from last years Ozarks vacation. I don’t know if I ever gave it a proper write up. I probably didn’t, and for that I am sorry because it was awesome. I will have to do that. I wrote it on my reminders list, so this time I probably will.  Anyway, every day when I look at those gorgeous leaves it reminds me of the promise of Fall’s return. As that day draws ever closer, I find the strength to push through these last days of heat.

Church Life

I cannot express how blessed I feel to be a part of my church, Life Church. I am now co-coordinator of the 7pm Saturday data team, and data team lead for Collierville campus. What a great responsibility and honor, and I am doing everything in my power to do it with excellence.

I get the question a lot, What do you do serving on the Data Team? I find myself answering this question a lot, and honestly I am so verbose that I see eyes glaze over far before I am done, so I will try to condense it in a paragraph or three.

Saturday Night Data Team

On Saturday nights at the 7pm service I am co-coordinator with my awesome friend Megan Dickerson. She and her husband Carey and their precious son Luke are some of my closest friends and I just love them so much… anyway, we have an average of three volunteers on 7pm service plus Megan and I.

Basically, we input all the data. If it pertains to church life such as an info card, kids life card, sign up sheet, fresh start sheet, next step card, pretty much all the paperwork, we put it into the system. We put all the data into the church system and check it for accuracy, as well as (when we have time) correcting returned mail.

As Coordinators Meg and I have a checklist we go through each week, making sure everything is done properly and organized correctly. We also put in data ourselves, and make sure that at the end of the service everything is filed in its proper place. This is a vast oversimplification, but I figured you didn’t want me typing out all the steps. We have amazing volunteers who serve with us, and a great team leader in April Green. She keeps us encouraged, on track, and educated on the latest changes.

I love serving on the data team, I really feel like it is my niche and a place where my talents and abilities are able to be utilized for the betterment of the church as a whole. Feels good to be a part.

Collierville Data Team

As the data team lead for Collierville campus, I do the rostering, training, implement changes, and make sure that all of the data is done properly and in an efficient manner. When April passes down changes to the data team at Cordova, I implement those changes immediately at Collierville so that we have consistency. I report to Pastor Ashley Larson, and it is my distinct honor to have been able to take this responsibility on.

I just have to say that I really blessed my heart to have the church give me this level of responsibility over that team. I have thrown myself into the role and am trying to be consistently excellent in my performance. Just as at Cordova, I have an awesome team of volunteers coming in every week to put that data in the system. To every single one of you that serves on ANY team, you are moving the kingdom forward and I am honored to serve along side you. Speaking of data again, I always have availability,  so there is room for you if you want to serve Cville data fo sho!

I am at all three services on Sunday morning to facilitate the entry of data and help my team with any issues or questions. I also do data entry myself, of course. In addition, on Sunday mornings I scan in volunteer attendance and Axis attendance from Wednesday as well as putting in the Discovery attendance for that week.

Wednesday evenings I put in the volunteer attendance for the previous Sunday, as well as any “ninja data” that snuck in somehow during the week. Shout out to Catharine Ray, who has recently volunteered to help out on Wednesday nights that we have extra data that needs to be input. Way to serve!

I hope none of this came off as bragging, I am just intensely honored and excited to be a part of the team! Being a leader is a lot of responsibility, but I absolutely love it and I feel connected and plugged in on that “whole other level”  and I love being able to help others do the same. I am humbled by the trust put in me, and determined to do everything I can to serve my church with the gifts I have been given.

Second Mile

I am so ready. Excited! Coming up soon.


Going to Asheville, NC this year. Back to the Biltmore! Candlelight Christmas evenings, man, so exciting. Asheville is going to be so gorgeous in the late fall.


First, and foremost, How ’bout them Cowboys?! Hahaha now that I have lost a few readers, I will continue. So pumped that it is football time again. Ready to watch with my friends, and cheer on my teams, and hope that I can get into the playoffs on my fantasy teams. Speaking of fantasy, I think I did pretty good in both drafts. Only time will tell!  More on football in a future post, this one is getting way long.


So I went to the store (the “Farmers Market International” here in Cordova) and got some fruit. I have been eating a lot of “crap” (fast food, etc) lately, so trying to clean up my act a bit. I figured hey, fruit would be a great snack. They have got some crazy fruit there at the farmers market. I ended up with like three kinds of plum, three kinds of peaches, and two dragonfruit.

I have been wanting to try dragonfruit for a long time. I tried it last night. Its… unique. I really can’t tell you what it tastes like, because I don’t remember ever tasting anything like it before. The texture is a bit… odd. It’s rather softer than your brain tells you it should be. I like it! I don’t know if I will buy it again any time soon, but I do recommend you give it a shot. No pits or anything, just cut it in half and take a spoon, eat it out of the half like a bowl.

I also tried an “empress plum” I think it was. Very blue in color. I washed it off, split it, took out the pit, and ate it. Not the tartest plum I have ever had, and a bit overly squishy (maybe a little too ripe?) but it was tasty.

Ok, this entry is way too long. I hope you are all having a great week! See many of you at church, super looking forward to Man Night on sunday night.

Gun Class

Oops, can’t forget this one. Kevin and I are doing our gun class tomorrow. It’s an all day thing, so will roll out to 2nd service after it gets over (6pm approx). Pretty pumped!


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