Wow, just… wow. Hillsong Live at Bellevue Baptist last night was amazing. Such great worship, made even more amazing to be with so many believers from all over! Was a true blessing to get to worship with all my Life Church peeps, and I tell you I truly felt the touch of the divine.

That feeling, that magic, that eludes me so often as an adult but I felt so often as a teenager at Youth America, it was there. The tangible unmistakable presence of a living God, yes, I sense that at church very often, and it is awe inspiring and amazing. But on that other level,  the feeling of God interacting directly with you, of reaching down and touching you, that my friends is so humbling and magical and has happened so very rarely since those days.

I stood there, trembling, and I felt in my heart three words. “I LOVE YOU”. So simple. And of course I already know that. It’s the cornerstone of the Christian faith! However… to have it resonate throughout my being in such a fashion, I felt as though I would either fall down or float up to the ceiling. The entire worship service was amazing, but that moment I touched the divine and I am so thankful for the creator of the universe taking a moment to interact with my heart on a personal level. I needed it. I felt flooded with peace, with love, with the presence of a very real God.

The pastor of Hillsong NY preached a mini sermon, and the first bit of it can be paraphrased thusly: You can hustle all you want, but it’s nothing without the flow! I didn’t know he was up on our series we are doing at Life Church! It was awesome, a great word, and many people gave their lives to Christ.

Hebrews 6:17-20 1) We have the right to live with passion! What you do in private will overflow in public. God has his hand on you, though you may not always feel it. 2) We have the right to live with urgency! People need Jesus now, not someday, not almost. Now.  Such a good word!

The service ended like it began, with thunderous praise! I loved it. Thanks to Bellevue for hosting, thanks to all our awesome Life Church peeps working cameras, thanks for my tickets (you know who you are), and thanks to God for showing up in a big way.

I hope you are all having great weeks, I am loving these fall temperatures!

~ by thoughtriver on September 18, 2012.

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