Playing Catchup

I have a deep regret that I only post here in the aftermath. I can change that, but only in the future. Not in the now, when I am strongly believing in it. What did you miss? Let’s catch up as best we can, although we both know that this isn’t the same as taking you on the journey with me. It’s me giving you a summarization of the journey after the fact. I will try to do better about taking you with me instead. Ok? Thanks for the grace, friends.


Well, the 2012 Holiday season came and went. I actually did post about Thanksgiving, so that’s a plus! I got even more into the Christmas season than I have in recent years, and that was amazing! I took my parents to A Christmas Carol, and that was yet again a highlight of the Christmas season. Kevin came with us this year, which was great, and although a couple of elements were over the top, we all really enjoyed it.

Sadly, Trans-Siberian Orchestra cut Memphis out of their tour this year and so we missed out on that tradition. Especially sad because we were going to bring “the Fam”. Who or what is “the Fam” or more accurately “the Memphis Fam”? I will get there shortly, still on Christmas. Anyway, it was a great season, the house was a frosty blue wonderland again that blessed my soul. Kevin said he may consider going a different direction next year. I hope not, I absolutely adore the blue led magic. We get tons of compliments every year!

My awesome sister came in town again, and there was much rejoicing. This is not a recent picture, but it is one of the best.

I spent a lot of time with Susie (my sister) and my precious parents. More pictures to follow. I assure you (my word not good at this point? fair enough)! Christmas as usual captured my heart and then Susie left and life got busy again and life got a little less magical. Oh, Christmas, I love you. Come back to me. September 2013, yes, it is on the way. I shall begin my magical journey again. Just you wait!

Memphis Fam

Have I written about these people before? I might have. It has been so very long. In any case, the “Memphis Fam” is a mix of old and new friends, brought together so very close in this season of our lives. It consists of Kevin Young, myself, Todd Yarger Jr., Kara Bruning, Rhonda Whitaker and Reneka Hawkins. I pray I didn’t mess up the spelling of anyone’s name. In any case, we got really close in 2012 and it began to feel less like friends hanging out and more like family.

We originally bonded through the Young Professionals group which is a Connect Group at Life Church originally headed up by Ashley Parker and Reneka Hawkins. Kevin and Rhonda took a go at it last session, and this next season will be Reneka and I. Keeping it fresh! We hang out, go eat, connect, do life together. Great stuff!

Our little fam grew out of that group and now we are thick as thieves. We even took a vacation, but lets wait on that one (deserves a post of its own, and I think on my other blog). We have all gotten close, but I want to mention Kara specially, because she is like my lil sis. We have adopted each other (her brothers are far away, so is my beloved sister), and I thank God every day for her awesomeness in my life. She is a true blessing to everyone who knows her!

I am so honored to do life with my memphis fam, and I love each and every one of you. God has brought us together for such a time as this, and I am so very blessed by you all.

END OF PART ONE (two tomorrow, i promise!)

~ by thoughtriver on February 18, 2013.

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