Staying Cool and Refreshed

I do not like to be thirsty. Or hot. People who know me well know that I always have a tasty beverage on hand. Whether it be water, or kool-aid, or Coca-cola, or whatever, I have something. I just don’t want to risk being thirsty with nothing to drink. I have my mister and a fan with me just about always because they are a sure fire solution if I get hot.

Sometimes, however, I go a bit overboard. Like my desk right now. Today is supposed to get up to 81 degrees so I felt this urge to make sure I had plenty of tasty refreshment. “But Stephen,” you say, “you will be in the air conditioning.” Hahaha!

Here is the thing… our building is not evenly cooled. Some areas will be nice and chilly in the summer (not my area, sadly) while others will be muggy and gross. It just about takes an act of congress to get it cool in my area, and then as soon as it is cool someone is sure to start complaining that they are cold.

I love my job, just not the temperature/humidity at my desk. Therefore, I have to take measures. On my desk today are three beverages and it will be four once I go fill up my big Lenny’s cup with water from the break room ice machine. I also have my mister on my desk. Never know when I will need a cooling spritz right in the face!

Is this overboard? Sure. Is it going to help? Absolutely.

Stay cool my friends. I will, by any means necessary.

~ by thoughtriver on May 8, 2013.

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