Two Down, One To Go

Huzzah! July has passed, my friends, and I can almost feel the first cool breeze of September upon my face. I saw a sign at Shelby Farms talking about Halloween weekends and I just about did a little dance in my car but that would have ran me off the road so I restrained myself.

I had a Fall vacation planned this year, but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control it has fallen through. More is the pity. I was super excited to go see my buddy Dan and his awesome family down in Florida in October, but the new plan is to do that early 2014!   Dan, tell your job not to interfere with us this time.

My new fall vacation plan is to extend Thanksgiving vacation.  What this does is create a delectable scenario where I work the week of Thanksgiving (the building will be a ghost town, I will be able to get tons of stuff done with total peace and quiet) and then starting Thanksgiving have 11 days off. I will then go back to work for a week, get a weekend, work one more week, then be off 12 days for Christmas (isn’t that just magical? 12 days of Stephen’s Christmas vacation!).  So, out of 35 days I will only be working 10.

Tons of time off coming to me this holiday season. Only sad part is that due to job changes, my sister is not a lock for coming down here this year. I am still holding out hope, though, and am no where near ready to give up. I am believing God for favor with her employers, and I believe that she is going to ask and they are going to say “Sure! Merry Christmas!”. That is what I would do. Love you sis!

Believe it or not, I did write a Chicago summary blog. I composed it at home last night and will be posting it today. ALSO I am massively behind on the Stephen O Show. Expect reviews, I have been writing a few up on my phone before bed, and I think at least one or two are ready for posting. I will throw those up on my other blog today as well. Big day for Stephen blogs.

Jon, you say I never post anymore. Today is the day my friend. A whole new beginning, we can hope.

~ by thoughtriver on August 6, 2013.

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