The Bridge

I posted a pic as a part of my ‘homework’ assignment for the creative writing workshop I am a part of at church. It is a beautiful pic, and I have embedded it again below.

When I look at that pic, it makes me think of Narnia. It is a bridge to a magical place. This got me thinking… as children, we all believe in magical things. We find them easy to accept. It is wondrous and awesome and we believe it without question. God sent his son to die for us? Awesome. Heaven awaits us, eternal life with no more pain and sadness? Yes!

As we grow up, instead of only being challenged to ask questions and know why we believe what we believe (which is healthy and great and part of spiritual maturity) we find that the world around us seeks to rob us of the magic inside our hearts. Turn on the news, its bad news. Read a blog, its bad news. Everywhere around us is bad news, telling us that the world is a dark place and we are putting our heads in the sand if we continue to insist upon our “children’s tales”. Christianity is a “crutch” at best, and at worst a harmful fantasy within which we hide from the realities of life and the finality of death.

Let me plead with you to not give in to this persistent call, this overwhelming and reasonable pressure to “grow up”. Jesus said that we must believe as children. We must not lose sight of the forest inside the wardrobe, of the magic that awaits across the bridge. The world is hurting and yes we must be a very real and very practical help to people in their time of need. That is absolutely true. Just as true is the fact that Eternity does await us all. In fact, we are already in it. Death is not the end, it is the beginning of the rest of forever.

Do not let the temporal rob you of the magical. Eternity is real. God is real. One day, further up and further in.
“I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now…Come further up, come further in!” – C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

~ by thoughtriver on September 26, 2013.

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