Poetry Repost: Winterheart

I have posted this here before, but I am doing so again since I have had requests for me to post more of my poetry. This is one of my favorite happy poems that I have ever composed.


the snow was falling thickly so
i huddled in my coat and though
the road was hid from my eyes view
on frosty path i made it through
a path to nowhere, i have chosen
traveling on all trails frozen
the cold air blowing, brings a smile
and peace is had, yes, for a while
so if you see me, say hello
and even if the sun does glow
a cheerful word you’re sure to get
for in my heart, its winter yet

For those of you who have read this poem once (or more than once) I beg leave. I am trying to share more with others, and now I know more people will see this. As for the rest of my life I am celebrating Fall’s true arrival. I drive to work with the windows down, and my heart rejoices as I begin my Christmas plans!

~ by thoughtriver on October 18, 2013.

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