The Procrastination Dilemma

Hello friends,

I have come to realize something. That something is that I need to write more. A truth so plain, so blatant and obvious, that it is hard to understand how I have ignored it for so long. I think I probably should be writing every day. Writing what? Something, anything!

I have to thank my friend Katie Welch for pushing me to this understanding, as it was a result of mulling over the creative writing workshop notes from church that I understood that when I set “pen to paper” or “fingers to keyboard” as it were that I am able to express myself in a way that I sometimes struggle to verbally. Well, that isn’t precisely true.. let me try to work through this.

I have always had a gift with words. Speaking to you, I can empathize with whatever you are going through and express my thoughts and feelings in a creative way. I have always had a gift for speaking, be it deep conversations under the stars, preaching/teaching, or sharing moments with a friend.  That being said, I have always had a greater talent for expressing myself in the written word.

When I combine those things, writing down to distill and coalesce my thoughts into a concentrated and potent form and then speaking, that is Stephen O’Daniel “maximized”. At least from what I have seen and been told. I say these things not to toot my own horn, as it were, but rather to force myself to look directly at some positive things about myself, some gifts from God that were given to me for a reason.

Let’s back up half a step. As stated before, I need to write more. Why haven’t I been writing? I find that life expands to cover all the space that you don’t delineate for specific purposes. When I do not create room to write, there is no room to write. When I do not make time to write, there is no time in which to write. I have to, on purpose, make time to do this.

So, what is the solution. The solution is to write! Something, anything, and if I may be an encouragement to you, maybe you are a writer. Maybe you have the soul of a poet or a writer (I have both, and I think that they are often shared in the same heart) and maybe you aren’t doing it either. Let us, all of us, make time for our gift.  God has a purpose in it, and I do not just mean a kingdom purpose though of course primarily and first I mean that. God has a purpose in it for US, for our personal growth and development, and when we keep it chained up we hinder growth in certain areas of our lives.

And yes, I know I owe you more Chicago blog. Forgive me?

I must take a moment as well to point out that I am neck-deep in Christmas spirit over here. No kidding. I have decorated my cube to the max at work and I must insist you check out my Instagram ( to see a video of the festiveness occurring even now at my desk.

Merry Christmas everybody! I am quite serious when I say that I am irrepressible. I put the reason in a Facebook post the other day, I must point you there to read it (I do not want to repeat myself overmuch).  The house will be Christmasified a week from now but my desk is shining brightly!

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and in case I am terribly inconsistent and do not come through on my new determination to write every day let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I surely hope I get to see you and hang out with you this holiday season. You are a blessing to me, my friend.

ps. I had something specific in mind when I gave this post that title. I think it is absolutely hilarious that I put off using it until another post.

~ by thoughtriver on November 22, 2013.

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