Winter Adventure 2014 – entry two

As I retire to bed, I reflect on the day. Some key points:

* good : how the more north we got, the more snow we saw
* bad: 3 nasty traffic jams that delayed us over an hour total.
*good: we had a great time on the road, lots of good music and conversation
*crazy: snow caps that kept flipping off the tops of people’s cars and flying end over end to smash into the road. I wish I had a video of this.
*impressive: Todd was handling business on the phone, got a lot done over the course of a few phone calls!
*amazing: to finally get here and see more snow than I have ever seen except for at Snowshoe mtn way back in the day

Thanks to Aunt Jill and her awesome hospitality! Dinner was enchiladas and they were amazing!

Side note: thank God for heat. It’s in the negatives outside – that wind is no joke!


~ by thoughtriver on February 6, 2014.

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