Entry #5 – Introduction to the Mega Season (pt. 3)

I am now two days behind, but fret not my friends! My commitment has not wavered, and today will be a catch up day.

Stage Three – November 1- December 31 – CHRISTMAS SEASON

On November 1st as I was growing up, every year without fail, my father would put up the Christmas tree. We would decorate it to some Christmas music in the background, and end the day with a Christmas movie. I cannot even think of those memories without a happy warm glow suffusing me.

November first is when I go full throttle. Cube at work? Decorated. iPhone? chock full of Christmas tunes! Christmas spirit? IT’S OVER 9000!!! Seriously, once we hit November first I am over the top Mr. Christmas until past Christmas. Every year for the past few years I try to make this peak of the season count. This very concept of a Mega Season was born out of the desire to maximize fall, Halloween, and especially Christmas.

How do I do this?

  • Music – Although there are things that get me more in the Christmas spirit than music, they only do it in the presence of Christmas music. Christmas music is the water that all the other elements swim in. Other Christmas stuff needs it to be Christmasey!
  • Movies – Christmas movies are there to warm your heart and fill your soul with the magic of Christmas. Now, granted, I only watch the cheesy Hallmark ones if I am with my family OR if I am really needing a Christmas infusion. Even bad Christmas movies are ok in a pinch, because Christmas.
  • Decorations – Decorate your homes, decorate your workplaces, decorate your life. You WILL feel more Christmasey when the magic is all around you.  Decorations will be everywhere so you don’t even have to look hard.
  • Friends – This is probably the most important thing. It is super hard to even attempt to be full of Christmas spirit if you are always doing it alone. Find some friends who love Christmas, we are everywhere  (even behind you! ahh!) and we would love to celebrate the season with you! For instance, ME! Hit me up, I am all about some Christmas and the best thing about friends and Christmas is that you can feed off each other’s Christmas spirit and go all kinds of festive-crazy. The best kind of crazy.
  • Parties – You need friends for this, and please do not doubt the power of a Christmas party to jump-start your Christmas spirit! They don’t have to be anything too fancy just throw some lights up, put on some Christmas music, watch a Christmas movie and the fun will find you. I am particularly fond of Dirty Santa, everyone loves getting gifts!
  • Events – Do some Christmas stuff! Go to TSO, see A Christmas Carol, go shopping at Collierville Mall (Avenue at Carriage Crossing) after they decorate, go to one of the other elventy-billion Christmas events that will be in your area this year. It’s all out there! You have to seize it! Trust me on this, I have spent so many days in regret when I realized I could have done so much more. 
  • Embrace the spirit of the season – Straight up, if you let it the Christmas spirit will transform you. For a short period of time, so many people turn into better versions of themselves. You can maximize that by embracing everything that makes Christmas so magical. Love people. Be generous. Not just in your giving but in your kindness, in your encouragement, in opening your eyes and your heart to the world around you and the people in it, and trying to be the best person you can in their lives. Why? Because at Christmas we celebrate the world shaking generosity of a God who became flesh to redeem the people who betrayed him. Such forgiveness, such love, the best way we can repay it is by showing our best pale imitation of it and trying to love the world like He has already proven He does.
  • Embrace ALL of it – You know how I defeat the cynical Christmas haters? I embrace everything about the season. I embrace the commercialism, transforming it into sincere appreciation of all the magic of Christmas; I embrace the calendar bloat, as I too celebrate the season far beyond its traditional borders; and I embrace the haters, because the more they hate, the more I celebrate, decorate, and accentuate the season.

Maybe you can’t or don’t want to get down with that whole list. That’s cool! But pick at least a couple things and wring every last bit of awesome out of this most awesome of seasons. Now, a poem:

quiet blows the softest wind
a caress on the cheek
the barest chill a promise made
that fall will reach it’s peak

seasons turn and nights grow long
in stars your solace find
for shining bright the gentle night
will soothe your troubled mind

light the fires and listen close
to ancient hallowed tales
embrace the holy advent days
before the season pales

~ by thoughtriver on September 7, 2014.

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