Entry #8 – A Passing Shadow

Friends, as we enter this mega season of warmth, love, thanksgiving, and hope, I would speak to you a truth. We may not agree on everything, we may not agree on hardly anything, but what I am about to tell you is not opinion, it is fact. If you act on this truth, I promise it will not only enhance your life, but it will bless others and you could transform a life.

Here is this truth, which I have bought with all my years so far on this earth: Listen, Love, Speak

All of these are predicated upon the deeper truth, which is that people are hurting. People you know, people you don’t know, people you think you know… they are hurting. They are fighting their own battles. God never intended us to fight our own battles, but we have become so inward-focused that we do not see the pain of those around us. And even when we do see, we find reasons not to collapse our comfort zone to extend a hand to them.

I beg you, I plead with you, this must stop. We are the Church! If you never listen to another word I say, listen to me today.

Listen to what people are saying. We speak all the time to people, asking things like “How are you?” “How’s it going?” and the truth of the matter is that we don’t really want to know. It has become a rhetorical question, which robs us of the connection that we all need. I am not saying that you have to have a sit down session with every single person, but we need to start caring about people.

Let me challenge you. Find someone that you have a feeling might be going through something or that you see a look on their face of pain, of something that strikes you as sorrow or loss or whatever… and reach out to them. Just the fact that you care enough to talk to them and really listen could change their day if not their lives.

And this refers exponentially to those you call your friends. We are intended to do life together. What use is a friendship that only celebrates the good times? We all need to do a better job of asking the right questions and truly listening for answers. And if someone is hurting, going through something, be a real friend and be there for them. You really do not know the impact that you could have by doing this.

Bear each others burdens. It isn’t easy and it isn’t comfortable, but we can enable each other to overcome the struggles of life and reach the heights that God has called us to by actually being there for each other.

Love people. One of the things I love the most about our church is that we reach out to the poor, that we feed the hungry and clothe the needy, that we truly are the church. What I would say to you today is that we need to do a better job of loving the people around us in our spheres, in our day-to-day lives.

Give each other grace. Extend mercy. Forgive wrongs. Laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry. Hug them. Love them without condition, without strings or pretense. People need love. This world has gotten so small with technology and communication, but people have never felt so alone.

LOVE more. Unconditionally. When in doubt, reach out to someone you think needs love. If you don’t think they ‘need’ it, give it to them anyway. There is no excuse for people who have been loved as Christ has loved us to be so stingy with it.

Speak to hearts and lives. This is just as important as the other two. If you see someone hurting, don’t just hug them and listen to them, encourage them. Tell them what the Word says, yes, absolutely, but also make it personal. Let them know that YOU care about them, that YOU love them, that YOU are there for them.

So many people are desperately starved for connection. We can be that to them. Don’t let someone else do it, YOU  do it. One of the most terrible and savage killers of the human soul is Depression. It festers in a life without authentic connection, and we CAN help. When you grab someone and tell them that you love them and they are awesome and that you are there for them, no matter what, and then you PROVE that with your actions, that makes a difference! It makes a difference, I promise it does.

And not just Depression, there are a host of other things people are dealing with that are sapping away their energy and their drive and their heart to pursue life and everything they can be. We can help them!

I know that many of you are already strong in these areas, I am just saying we can all do better. We must do better. We are the Church.

Let us Listen, let us Love, let us Speak encouragement to the broken. Only God can heal, but we are called to represent Him on this earth. It is on us, my friends.

It is on us…

~ by thoughtriver on September 9, 2014.

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