Entries # 9-16 – Eight Reasons I Love Fall

Once again I have fallen massively behind, but wait! Yes, that is correct this is me actually blogging instead of disappearing until Thanksgiving with an apology post. I have decided to catch it up in this one post, and if I can do some bonus makeup posts I will. So, eight reasons why (this year, already) I am in love with Autumn all over again.

Reason #1: The weather! This could be every single reason right here, repeated over and over. I was right! I totally called a cool down in September way back in July and many disbelieved me. What do they have to say now? Standing outside at night has not felt this good since I was a young child. Amazing.

I have been driving to work with my windows down, that smell is in the air that signals the change of seasons, and I feel a certain festiveness in my heart. Yes!

Reason #2: Football is back! Yes! I cannot tell you how exciting it is to come out of the long miserable drought and be able to turn on the TV on Sunday afternoon and see RedZONE blasting out at you for seven hours. Ahhhhhh, refreshing.

Speaking of Football, we need to get some watch parties going soon, friends. Come on now! Football is more fun with snacks, friends, and yelling.

Reason #3: Fantasy Football is back! I can’t even tell you how bad I am at drafting in fantasy football. And yet, somehow I manage to do fairly well. Not great, but fairly well. I tell you what, I have fun though! I am 1-1 in both my leagues, so not a bad start.

Reason #4: Dinosaur Dracula’s Halloween Countdown! If you like Halloween, Nostalgia, and discovering hidden gems on the Internet, you need to go check it out. (warning: adult language) This site will get you in the Autumnal spirit, i guarantee!

Reason #5: The soft caress of autumn’s promise. I know, sounds ridiculous. But I went outside a couple nights ago, and the breeze was cool and carried with it the unmistakable scent of changing seasons. Summer’s reign is ending truly, and Fall comes with all the promise and magic of it’s splendor.

Reason #6: Fire pits! We have not done one yet but I am SO READY. Fire pits and hanging outside with friends are major parts of a well-grasped Autumn for me.

Reason #7: Leaves. They change color. They fall. They remind us that there is beauty not only in the sprouting of life but also in its change. That time and its relentless grind brings not only challenges but also majesty.

Reason #8: Are you kidding me? Come on… DOUBLE DIGITS TILL CHRISTMAS!! Oh you are so not ready for me to crank this up. It’s coming!

~ by thoughtriver on September 16, 2014.

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