Entries #18-28 – Eleven Seasonal Thoughts

This mega-post is going to be a bit of a conceit, because I am going to count both thoughts of the season and thoughts had during the season, which pretty much means whatever eleven things I want. Ahem. In any case, we catch back up again today and I feel good about it.

#18 – Post ideas

So, I am cheating even further and using this area to talk about ideas I have for future posts, as an insurance that I don’t forget. I want to talk to you about the new golden age of TV, the East Memphis Campus Launch (I think that will be my other post later today), Hallelujah Nights (a Halloween nostalgia post from church as a kid/teenager), the intricate dance of proper perspective, and others. I will do this.

#19 – Mornings Don’t Lie (Summer’s power is gone)

I know that it is warm this week. There will be some people (you know them, I know them) saying things like “What happened to fall?” or “where is your fall now?” to them, I only smile, because I wake up in the morning and know the truth. I drive home at night and know the truth.

Case in point, the other day it was 87 for a high. I left work, and in my heart lamented the warmth of a summer reaching back from beyond the grave. But then, the sun set, and as it did the gentle caress of Fall’s breeze returned. Friends, Fall is here. Stay strong on the warm days, for they will give way to cool nights. And soon, even the days themselves will hold no threat of sweat or discomfort. Sweater weather is on the way. Hallelujah!

#20 – Fantastic Fall Food Festivities

Friends, this is a banner year for seasonal food items. So many brands are doing a ‘Halloween’ version or a ‘Autumn’ version, and we need to get out there and snatch them up! I have been slacking in this regard, but this week I will hit up Target and Wal-Mart and THERE WILL BE BLOOD (colored things, most likely).

I again encourage you to embrace the season. I am a Christmas FIEND but this is the time to wrap yourself in the fall and truly wring every bit of festivity out of it! LETS DO THIS WITH FOOD. Text/IG/Snap me you and your Halloween/Autumnal food!

#21 – Bonfire

I have not been to a bonfire yet this year. Let us make this happen. Or lets at least get a fire pit going COME ON PEOPLE before it goes from cool > cold > freezing. I am still down for a bonfire in Winter but Fall bonfires are magical and irrevocably linked to my childhood.

#22 – Poem

as the crackling fire burns
and the wheel of time it turns
let us rejoice for fall is here
and all our hearts are full of cheer

soon enough will come the day
when all the leaves are gone away
and chilling wind will come to claim
a frosty winter of great fame

yet in the meantime we are glad
and joyful times are by all had
as autumn leaves begin to fall
majestic smells fill every hall

so if you are at all like me
these things your favorite to see
then let us grasp this season stronger
and pray it lasts us ever longer

a roaring flame, a peaceful smell,
a calling bird heard in the dell
and long remembered memories
as orange and red falls from the trees

#23 – 28 – Some random thoughts

Allow me to cheat once again, and just take these last six entries to just throw a thoughtstream at you. This is just me talking to you, do with it what you will. Go outside on one of these fall nights. Go out, just you, and stand there under the stars in the cool air. Really take a moment and breathe it in. Look up at the infinite majesty that God has painted across the universe. Think of both a) how small you are in the bigger picture, but more importantly B) how important you are to God in the bigger picture. He made all that, but loves you the most. Wow.

One of my not-so-secret magic moments is watching leaves fall from a tree. That moment when they surrender and float so gracefully down. That smell in the air. There is a serenity that goes with it, that I do not want to gild with a preachy moment. I will wait until the next paragraph for that. Big piles of leaves in my parents back yard. Running through them. Staying outside in the dark sitting in a chair, just… absorbing all the magic of fall.

Everything has a season. This is my favorite time of year, my megaseason, but let me get sermon-ey on you for a moment. Sometimes we have changed color and we have fulfilled our purpose in the past season, but we do not want to let go and fall to the ground so that our next season can begin. The cycle must occur, the hour has come, the sky is dark and the wind is cold, summer has left. We cannot try to hold on to the past season at the expense of the new one.

Apple cider. It’s that time of year! This deserves its own post, AND IT WILL GET IT, but I am going to mention it here. If you see Apple cider somewhere, NOT apple juice but real apple cider, you let me know! My current sources are Fresh Market and Kroger. I need to check out Whole Foods as well. Let a brother know if you find some amazing cider! Apple cider is my favorite drink of the fall. I need it! Also, Honeycrisp apples are in season I think. Dang those things are absolutely legendary.

Friends, let’s buy candy for the trick-or-treaters this year. Come on now. I remember trick-or- treating and it was the BEST when the people gave a darn. Smile at those kids, compliment their costumes, give them candy! If you are the decorating kind of person, put a little effort in! Kids love that stuff, and Halloween is about the kid in all of us. And food. And candy. Delicious candy.. mmm. Oh and another note. That leftover candy after Halloween. Don’t keep it all, because you will eat it. Srsly.

A final thought for this post… smile at people today. Encourage them. Fall is a magical time, and we make it more so.


~ by thoughtriver on September 29, 2014.

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