Entry #2 – What is the 2015 Mega Season?

This entry is the second of the 2015 Mega Season, for September 2nd.

What is MegaSeason 2015? MegaSeason 2015 is me celebrating Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas within the umbrella of a four month long Christmas celebration. Like I do every year, I will break down why this is and give a remixed (as in, different) angle based on my thoughts right now.


When I was young, my parents did not have much money. What we did have was Christmas spirit in spades. So, every year on September 1st my dad would bring all the Christmas movies and music out of the closets and we would begin a four month celebration!

This left an indelible mark on me as I grew up, and stuck with me. I will always love Christmas more than the average bear, and I will always celebrate it longer than most of you, maybe all of you. It’s not commercialism for me, it’s family and memory and all the best parts of my childhood, seasons of magic and wonder.

Remix: This is so true. I will not release this. I need it. It is a part of me. And yet, as my parents get older I feel like I am desperately trying to cling to the magic of my childhood. I need to do a better job to Be Here Now. To grasp the magic of THIS Christmas, of THIS Mega Season, and stop trying to recapture a memory.

Not Just Christmas

Let me be super clear here. I am not ignoring Thanksgiving, let alone Halloween. Far from it! I celebrate Fall heavily, my favorite web site being Dinosaur Dracula (warning: some adult language) and it’s yearly Halloween Countdown. I also love Thanksgiving and everything it stands for.

But lets get serious. The two rock stars in the building are Halloween and Christmas. For me, Halloween means the changing of the seasons, cool breezes and leaves changing colors, that smell in the air and the other birds starting to sing, all the magic that tells me that Summer’s last remnants are gone for good. The smells, the atmosphere, the fun food and yes even the scary stuff, I love it all. When I was a kid we were not allowed to celebrate Halloween, but as an adult I absolutely love it.

That being said, I cannot let go of my September start to my Christmas season, so I have re-dubbed this entire block of celebrations MegaSeason 2015. I celebrate Christmas as I always have, in stages, which still gives plenty of time for the celebration of Fall (and Halloween).

Remix: Every year I love Halloween and Fall more! Do yourself a favor and check out http://www.dinosaurdracula.com and fall in love with the magic of the season. Matt is awesome and makes September and October truly magical.

Next: We break down the phases of the Mega Season!

~ by thoughtriver on September 10, 2015.

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