Look, I posted. Before February!

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love Fall and Winter. Once the year turns to months that end in ‘ber’ I get happy as … well, happy as a Stephen in Christmas time. And any time after Halloween I am in full gear Christmas mode. Decorations at work are at maximum, Christmas is on my speaker at my desk, and things are all around pretty dang festive.

I mention these things to remind myself that this is my happy season. I seek to remind myself because today had a terrible start. How, do you say? Well, firstly, I left the house without my morning cider. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but being able to start the day with a thermos full of crisp delicious cold-pressed cider starts each of my Fall work days off with a cheery note. Also, it is flipping delicious.

If that had been it, however, you would not see me here complaining. No, that is reserved for the fact that I am still trying to calm myself because… I drove off our driveway this morning. Have you SEEN our driveway? Somehow in my sleepy, non-cider stupor, I was backing up and i thought I needed to adjust so I turned the wheel the other way and BAM! right off the driveway.

This was definitely one fo the scariest moments in my life. I got out of the car, and looked, and thanks to God’s providence I went off about six inches after the point where I would have completely grounded out. There was a narrow strip of grass among this massive group of holes and by turning the wheel exactly I was able to back out of it without screwing up my car or getting stuck there.

I am very appreciative to God in His infinite mercy, but WOW I feel stupid and DOUBLE WOW that was terrifying. All I could see in my head was having to get some kinda weird AAA call out there to somehow dislodge my car. All of this is a LOT more terrifying if you have seen our driveway.

In any case, today needs to improve fast. Now, to cup of coffee #1. An hour too early, because no cider. Meh.

PS. Yes I know I messed the mega season up. But I am giving myself permission to be ok with that, as long as I start posting on the regular starting now.

~ by thoughtriver on November 20, 2015.

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